There’s Still Time To Stop Trump’s Right-Hand Man Steve Bannon!

Excerpt from: Greenpeace <>

Rebecca Gerber, Feb 27 at 4:05 AM

There’s no room for a climate-denying racist on the National Security Council. Tell Congress to take action today by going to:!

In that time, the Trump administration has given us even more reason to resist. Trump has:

  • Issued orders allowing mining companies to dump coal waste near streams and rolling back protections for trans youth. (He’s also rumored to be preparing executive orders that will limit the EPA’s ability to fight climate change.) [1]
  • Called his administration’s efforts to deport millions of people — inhumanely splitting families apart — a “military operation.” [2]
  • Repeated his claim that the free press — a cornerstone of American democracy — is the enemy of the American people and barred the New York Times, CNN, and other major news outlets from a press briefing on Friday. [3]

Honestly the list is so long I can’t even fit it all in this email.


  • And as before, Steve Bannon’s dirty fingerprints are all over every dangerous move this administration makes:
  • Those attempts to stop the government from acting on climate? As editor of Breitbart “news” Bannon spread the conspiracy that climate change is a hoax and renewable energy is a scam. He even called climate activists “pure scum.” [4]
  • That new anti-trans policy? Bannon has trumpeted the bigoted lie that allowing trans people to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity somehow places children and families in danger. [5]
  • And the repeated attacks on the free press? Bannon doubled down on Trump’s statements, calling the media the “opposition party” in a speech on Thursday. [6]
  • Steve Bannon has shown us over and over again that his presence in the White House makes our country less safe. Tell Congress: it’s time to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council.

Both houses of Congress have already introduced legislation to protect our national security from Bannon’s dangerous meddling — but it’s up to us to make sure they follow through. Add your name today at:!

In solidarity,

Rebecca Gerber
Climate Team, Greenpeace USA

P.S. More than 40,000 Greenpeace supporters like you have taken action to resist Steve Bannon in the last two weeks, but I think we can still do more.

  • Steve Bannon is a threat to our democracy but we have the momentum to stop him. Sign the petition today by going to:!


702 H Street, NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20001 | 1-800-722-6995


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