News Cover Vets At DAPL!


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Nathan – Really American, Feb 20 at 2:46 PM

Trump recently signed an executive order to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline, but there’s still hope if you help us right now…

According to the Guardian, a growing group of veterans are returning to Standing Rock to prevent DAPL police from using violent tactics to drive them out.

“It’s not just the people of Standing Rock who are at risk. The water of millions of Americans is at risk. This is not a local issue, it is a national problem we are dealing with here,” said Anthony Diggs, the Secretary of Communications for Veterans Stand, according to CNN.

Late last year, at least two thousand veterans converged on Standing Rock to speak out against the Dakota Access Pipeline, destruction of Native American sacred lands and egregious police brutality against the peaceful protesters working to protect our water. Attendees included U.S. Representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard, and Wesley Clark Jr., son of the decorated General Wesley Clark.

Don’t you want the nation to know about this renewed historic action by American veterans to stop the contamination of drinking water relied upon by tens of millions of people?

Go to:, to add your name and demand that CNN, NBC and CBS broadcast the renewed action by hundreds of vets to stop DAPL & the police violence perpetrated on behalf of Big Oil.

(If you already signed this petition you’ll see a request to chip in to help promote this issue to more people. Please consider supporting this effort financially, but even if you are not in a position to chip in, just sharing this on social media is greatly appreciated!)


Nathan Brown
Really American Founder
Really American is a news and PR firm that enables individuals to protect truth, democracy, social justice and the environment. Payments made to promote these campaigns are not tax-deductible.

Really American was founded by Nathan Brown and Adriel Hampton when they saw a revolutionary movement forming in response to the corruption, fraud and lies within the US political system that Bernie Sanders exposed to the American public during the 2016 presidential primary.

Nathan is an online activist, internet marketing consultant, social entrepreneur, and impact investor. He’s dedicated his life to living simply while using marketing science and strategic partnerships to help solve society’s biggest problems.

Adriel is a technologist, entrepreneur and progressive activist. He’s focused on using technology to give more people a voice in the political process, and in 2009 ran for Congress on issues including single payer, ending interventionist wars, and making it easier for workers to unionize. Adriel is a member of the Chickasaw Nation, and lives in California.


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