One Way to Hurt Trump’s Bank Account

Excerpt from: UltraViolet <>

Nita and Shaunna, Feb 17 at 10:25 PM

Just a few weeks in office and big name companies are already running away from President Donald Trump for targeting Muslims, immigrants, women, and working people.

In fact, after tens of thousands of people spoke out against each company, executives at Uber, Disney, and Nordstrom moved to cut significant ties with Trump and his businesses.1

And there’s one more company that is facing outrage for not yet dumping Trump. The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) is holding its most prestigious tournament–the 2017 U.S. Women’s Open–at Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf resort.2

The LPGA leadership is under a lot of pressure for hosting the Women’s Open at a serial sexual abuser’s golf course. In fact, hundreds of people have flooded them with calls, and even U.S. senators urged them to cut ties with Trump.3 If enough of us speak up and join the mounting pressure, the LPGA will also be forced to cut business ties with Trump–hitting him where it hurts. Can you sign the petition?

Golf has a damning history of racism, sexism, and discrimination against people with disabilities. The LPGA began in 1950, thirty years after women won the right to vote. Until 1961, men of color were banned from the men’s PGA.4 And it took a Supreme Court ruling to stop the PGA from mistreating disabled golfers.5

As a sport, golf has come a long way from that history. The LPGA associating itself with Trump isn’t only several steps backward, but an endorsement of Trump’s presidency in front of the entire country.

There is momentum behind companies cutting ties with Trump–and it’s clear nothing gets under his skin more. If we speak out together, we can get yet another company to dump Trump and send the message that millions of people reject his hateful and dangerous presidency.

  • Will you sign the petition to the LPGA now?
  • Tell the LPGA: “Dump Trump! A sexist, racist should not host the most prestigious women’s golf tournament in America.”
  • Sign the petition by going to:

Thanks for taking action.

–Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, Emma, PaKou, and Pilar, the UltraViolet team


1. Uber CEO Drops Out of Trump’s Economic Panel, Disney’s Bob Iger to Miss Meeting, Variety, February 2, 2017

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