It’s Time to Defend the Supreme Court

Excerpt from: CREDO Action

Our racist, misogynistic, fascist president has nominated Neil Gorsuch to fill Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat – the same seat Senate Republicans stole from President Barack Obama.

Trump promised to nominate someone ready to follow in Scalia’s extremist footsteps and he’s delivered on that promise. Gorsuch’s extreme record could guarantee another generation under a conservative Supreme Court that wages war on women, workers, poor people, voting rights and the environment while giving unprecedented power to corporations and religious extremists.

Progressive champion Sen. Jeff Merkley has promised to use the filibuster to force Senate Republicans to get 60 votes to confirm Gorsuch. We need to make sure Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and every other Senate Democrat stand with Sen. Merkley and use their power to stand up for women, LGBTQ people, immigrants, Muslims, people of color, workers, the environment and the bedrock principles of our democracy.

Tell Leader Schumer and all Senate Democrats: Block any Supreme Court nominee who won’t stand up for progressive values and the people most threatened by Trump’s dangerous agenda.

Senate Democrats are our only firewall against a Supreme Court shaped by a corrupt president committed to a racist, xenophobic and misogynistic agenda. We need to let them know in unequivocal terms what we expect of them. A number of Senate Democrats are refusing to say where they stand or indicated a willingness to allow a simple up-or-down vote on Gorsuch. Leader Schumer is reportedly searching “for a Supreme Court strategy.”1

We know what Democrat’s Supreme Court strategy should be: defend progressive values from a fascist president and extremist Republican party by blocking Trump’s nominee. If they don’t, the court they’ll be helping to build will:

Restrict a woman’s right to reproductive health care, including abortions;

Curb the government’s ability to fight climate change;

Further undermine the Voting Rights Act and give a green light to voter suppression;

Give corporations unchecked political power and unchecked power over consumers and workers;

Discriminate against LGBTQ people, especially transgendered people; and

Block gun control legislation.

Senate Democrats must refuse to accept a Supreme Court nominee who puts millions of people, our democracy and our entire planet at risk.

With Trump in the White House, Jeff Sessions aiming to take over the Department of Justice, and Republicans in both houses of Congress ready to run the table on their extremist agenda, the fight against a Trump Supreme Court could not be more important. There is no reason Senate Democrats should consider the path of compromise when Republicans spent almost a year blocking President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

Republicans were willing to trash the decorum and customs of the Senate, ignore their constitutional duties and undermine the legitimacy of our country’s first Black president for naked partisan political gain. We should be able to count on Democrats to be fierce, relentless and uncompromising in their defense of those most threatened by Trump and our democracy as a whole.

Sen. Schumer and every single member of his Senate Democratic Caucus must join Sen. Merkley and hold the line in this fight.

Tell Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer and all Democratic Senators:
Block any Supreme Court nominee who won’t stand up for progressive values and stand with the people most at risk from Trump’s dangerous agenda.

  • Go to the link below to demand that Schumer and Senate Democrats defend the Supreme Court.

Thanks for everything you do,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

1. Burgess Everett and John Breshnahan, “Schumer searches for SCOTUS strategy,” Politico, Jan. 30, 2017.

© 2017 CREDO. All rights reserved.


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