UNBELIEVABLE: 8 Out of 9 Tech Companies Won’t Rule Out Helping Trump Build a National Muslim Registry


Journalists reached out to nine major tech companies asking if they would help the Trump administration build a national Muslim registry, and only Twitter said no!1

We trust these companies with our most valuable information and they say their main priority is to protect their users.

But if major tech companies are serious about protecting users, they must not facilitate violations of human rights or dignity by providing the technology or data to make it happen.

As someone who’s not concerned about comparisons to Hitler or critical of WWII internment camps,2 Trump’s threat to build a national registry of Muslims is not a joke.

And Kris Kobach, Trump’s immigration adviser who wrote the book on tracking Muslims,3 recently reiterated the administration’s desire to build a Muslim registry.4

Plus, tech companies have secretly assisted governments commit human rights abuses in the past: IBM provided Nazi Germany with their computerized punch card systems used to track Jews, AND created a computerized national ID system that the South African government used to denationalize its black population.5

Not helping build a database to track America’s Muslims should be a clear moral redline. But it’s clear from these companies muted response that we need to mount a public outcry to call out their cowardice and demand they stand up to Trump.

Aside from the moral repugnancy of Trump’s plan, creating a Muslim registry won’t make anyone safer.

George W. Bush created a defunct program called NSEERS that never resulted in a single terrorism conviction.

All a national Muslim registry would do is reinforce a false, Islamophobic stereotype that only Muslims are terrorists, while providing recruiting material for America’s enemies abroad.

But to stop Trump’s reprehensible plan, tech companies need to make clear NOW that they won’t ever collaborate with Trump on creating a national Muslim registry.

Tell tech companies: Publicly refuse to build Trump’s Muslim registry now!

Thanks for taking a stand for ALL Americans,

Kate Kizer

1. The Intercept, “Of Nine Tech Companies, Only Twitter Says It Would Refuse To Help Build Muslim Registry For Trump,” December 2, 2016.
2. The Washington Post, “Donald Trump says he is not bothered by comparisons to Hitler,” December 8, 2015.
3. NBC News, “Trump Immigration Adviser Kris Kobach Wrote the Book on Muslim Registry,” November 17, 2016.
4. Reuters, “Immigration hardliner says Trump team preparing plans for wall, mulling Muslim registry,” November 15, 2016.
5. Electronic Frontier Foundation, “EFF Files Amicus Brief in Case That Seeks to Hold IBM Responsible for Facilitating Apartheid in South Africa,” February 5, 2015.
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