Tell the Senate: Reject Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary!

Excerpt from: Friends of the Earth 

Donald Trump just appointed Steven Mnuchin — a corrupt billionaire — to be Treasury Secretary. The former Goldman Sachs executive has built his career and his fortune by exploiting everyday people.

Trump promised to “drain the swamp.” But instead, he’s giving key jobs to Big Money executives like Mnuchin. Mnuchin will join Trump’s administration alongside White Supremacist Steve Bannon and Big Oil crony Myron Ebell.

The Senate still has to confirm Mnuchin’s appointment. You can push your Senators to reject him!

Tell the Senate: Reject the nomination of Goldman Sachs executive Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary!

So far, Trump’s giving us the worst of both worlds. Instead of bringing in fresh faces who have the people’s interests at heart, he’s hiring corporate shills to regulate the very industries they came from.

Steven Mnuchin has a track record of exploiting everyday people for his personal profit.

He made billions off the 2008 financial crisis. He profited off the Bernie Madoff case. And a bank he co-founded and steered until 2015 was accused discrimination against people of color who were buying homes.

So what can we expect from Mnuchin if he’s leading the Treasury Department? Giveaways to Wall Street. Protections for bankers’ profits, not consumers. A rebuilding of the financial system we had before the 2008 crisis.

Why would Mnuchin go to such great lengths to roll back our progress? Because he has lots of friends on Wall Street. They stand to make big money off of deregulating our financial system. And Steven Mnuchin wants to make it easy for them — no matter what the cost to people like you.

Tell the Senate: People and the planet should come before corporations. No “regulator” jobs for Wall Street executives!

As divided as our country is, we all want a government that puts our interests ahead of Big Oil’s and Wall Street’s.

Donald Trump exploited his image as an outsider to get to the White House. He convinced voters that things would be different in his Administration. He’d look out for the average person, not giant corporations. But so far he’s doing the opposite.

Make no mistake — Trump has a lot of friends who will benefit from fewer protections for people and the planet. And given his own business empire, he may benefit too.

We can’t stay silent while Trump uses the Presidency to enrich himself and his friends. And since his transition team is in shambles, we have a chance to shake things up. But we need you to speak up NOW!

Self-EnrichTell the Senate to stop Trump from using the Presidency to enrich himself and his friends! Keep corporate lobbyists out of the Trump administration.

Standing with you,
Michelle Chan,
Vice president of programs,
Friends of the Earth Action

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