It is hard to turn from our grief at what has happened in our country as a whole and to see to the good things that have happened in Nevada. Nevada is now a blue state, with the Democrats having taken back control of both the State Senate and Assembly. We can now do some really good things here in Nevada.

In Nevada we also elected Democrats to three out of the four Congressional seats we have in the House of Representatives. And, we elected Democrat Catherine Cortes Masto to the Senate – the first Latino woman in the Senate.

But we must also realize that we have only a short time to grieve for the greater loss for ourselves and for our country. Our immediate need is to get up and move forward to fight for our freedom and values. I fear that once Trump is in office our protests will be met by violence from his thugs. If their intimidation doesn’t work, I think we can also look forward to his use of the National Guard to prevent dissent/protest.

Trump will also refuse full access to the press, refuse full disclosure of information, or transparency, use intimidation to prevent negative press, and he will find ways to destroy those individuals of the press who dare to defy him. But we can not let that stop us.

We have lived through the Nazi era, the McCarthy era, and many other witch hunts. We can not let Trump and those of his ilk take this democracy down. We must be all be vigilant and do what we can by joining together to protect and preserve our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, democracy, freedom, justice, equality, and the rule of law.

We can not allow Trump and the advisers he chooses or those chosen by Pence and his allies, lead our country from democracy to oligarchy. We are better than that as Americans. So wherever you live and in every way you can, you must stand-up and speak-out when you see injustice. We must fight at every level for the next four years to preserve America.

The Democratic Party needs to reorganize and change so it can be recognized as it always has been, the inclusive party which includes all the people in our nation, no matter what their origin, color, gender, religion, or sexuality. We are a welcoming nation built by immigrants. And we must organize at the grassroots level now!

We need to be prepared in four years so that what has happened this year will not be forgotten but can never happen again. People should never feel so disenfranchised that they forget that the Democratic Party is their party and cares about them.



  1. Nyla Howell Says:

    Very well said. Thank you!

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