Tell Nike To Just Do It – Dump Trump!

Excerpt from: Courage Campaign

Our campaign urging Nike to #DumpTrump has been making headlines all week, including Politico, Yahoo, Business Insider, and more.(1) Sign on and join thousands of Courage Campaign members from across the country to keep the heat on Nike.
See Laura’s email below for more details.

Billions in profits. Millions of customers. Thousands of employees. Hundreds of reasons for outrage. And zero words from Nike — the world’s largest shoe seller whose flagship store sits at the base of Donald Trump’s infamous Trump Tower in New York City.(1)

Every time employees, customers, or visitors walk in or by Niketown in Trump Tower, Nike is sending them a message that it’s okay to call women “fat pigs,” tag and ID American Muslims, use broken English to mock Asian Americans, call Mexicans criminals and “rapists,” revoke equal rights for gay people, and broadcast messages of hate, violence, and racism.(2) Every. Single. Day.

For a leading global corporation that boasts its dedication to diversity and inclusion, Nike has done absolutely NOTHING to disassociate itself with Trump and his hate-filled presidential campaign.(3) And its silence is deafening.

Join Courage Campaign to tell Nike: “Dump Trump!”

Global companies like ESPN, Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Univision and more have already cut ties with Donald Trump over his racist, incendiary remarks, which has cost him over $78 MILLION.(4) Yet Nike has remained mum on Trump. On the flip side, Donald Trump has talked endlessly about how proud he is to own Trump Tower where Nike’s flagship store — Niketown — is housed. And there’s a $200 MILLION reason why.

Flagship stores, like Niketown, are crucial for companies. Their strategic placements in prominent cities around the globe generate foot traffic and high volumes of sales while increasing the brand’s value and reputation through association with similar, or higher valued, brands. So, when Nike decided to lease out a space in Trump Tower, which is valued at a whopping $200 MILLION, they must’ve seen some value in Trump’s brand.(5) As a company who employs a global workforce that’s 50% female and multi-racial and ethnic, and claims that “diversity and inclusion are key levers in continuing to drive creativity and innovation,” why is it continuing to stand in solidarity with this demagogue?(6)

For decades, Nike infamously made headlines when it was discovered that they had been exploiting child labor and working with sweatshops that physically and mentally abused their workers.(7) They experienced major fallout and attempted to remedy their public image by performing factory audits and publishing a list of all the factories it contracts with.(8) But if there’s one lesson to take away from history, it’s this: Nike’s kryptonite is public pressure. If we turn up the heat on Nike to dump Trump, they’ll be forced to respond and take action, giving us the chance to win!

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Nike to join ESPN, Macy’s, NBCUniversal, Univision and more and #DumpTrump by not renewing its lease with Trump Tower in 2017!

Nike immediately dropped Manny Pacquiao for his abhorrent remarks on same-sex couples.(9) It cut ties with Maria Sharapova right away after she announced that she failed a drug test.(10) But when Trump mocks a disabled reporter, insults a prisoner of war, and insists on building a “great,” “beautiful” wall between the U.S. and Mexico (despite Nike having stores, employees, and customers in Mexico, ironic we know), Nike does NOTHING.

It’s past time for Nike to stop being a hypocrite and finally break its silence. This isn’t rocket science, Nike. Just do it.

Join us to tell Nike: Don’t renew your lease with Trump Tower in 2017. It’s time for you to #DumpTrump!

Yours in the fight,

Laura, along with Annie, Eddie, Emma, Ernesto, Kelsey, Lindsay, Moonyoung, Paul, Scottie, and Tim (the Courage team)
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