Take Action To End ALL New Drilling, Mining, And Fracking On Public Lands & Waters!

Excerpt from: Greenpeace

Thanks to pressure from people like you, the Atlantic coast is safe from drilling.

But, runaway climate change can still put everyone on the planet at risk — and yet fossil fuel companies are still searching for more places to drill, frack, and mine.

Right now, President Obama has the power to STOP all new drilling on public lands and waters and keep fossil fuels in the ground — he just needs to hear from you.

Send a message to President Obama now demanding he take action for our climate by stopping all new fossil fuel extraction from our public lands and waters.

Here’s what people like you have already accomplished, by raising your voices:
Huge protests erupted around the world when Shell tried to drill in the Arctic, and Shell ultimately backed away.

People organized for years to demand that the President reject the Keystone XL pipeline, and last year, he finally did.

When thousands of people told President Obama to stop auctioning off coal from public lands, he halted coal leasing and announced a major overhaul of the federal coal program.

When communities up and down the Atlantic Coast organized to fight new gas and oil drilling projects, the Obama administration removed that region from the offshore drilling program.

But if he wants to secure his legacy as a climate leader before he leaves office, he needs to do more. Oil companies like Shell, BP, and Exxon have already started to look for new areas to drill — like the in the Alaskan Arctic. More drilling, fracking and mining would put communities and wildlife at risk, and threaten to add even more carbon to our atmosphere. But President Obama can stop this all with the stroke of a pen.

Tell President Obama to stop ALL new fossil fuel extraction from our public lands and waters to protect wildlife and communities and keep climate change in check.
It’s not too late to make a change. But it will take all of us to make that change happen.

We’re facing a pivotal moment for our planet’s future. Please go to our online site to send a message to the President! Thank you for speaking up.

Rachael Prokop
Online Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

P.S. We’re looking forward to a cleaner-energy future — and you can help make it happen. Tell President Obama to stop new drilling for dirty energy and secure his legacy as a climate leader.


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