Tell President ObamaTo STOP Crude Oil Exports

Excerpt from: Food & Water Watch
The First U.S. Shipment of Crude Oil in 40 Years Is Headed to Europe.

Less than two weeks after Congress cut a budget deal lifting the 40-year crude oil export ban, a Conoco Phillips ship full of crude oil is on its way to Europe.¹

This new U.S. crude oil export policy spells climate disaster. Tell President Obama to declare a climate emergency and halt crude exports now.

The crude oil export ban was used as a bargaining chip in the Congressional budget showdown at the end of December. What’s worse, the longstanding crude oil export ban was lifted just days after the conclusion of the Paris climate talks.

Just 13 days later, a Conoco Phillips ship left a Texas port bound for Europe. It is the first shipment of crude oil from the United States in 40 years.

Oil exports will increase drilling and fracking here in the U.S., putting even more communities at risk of contaminated drinking water, poisoned air and toxic spills. Oil exports also lock us into even more fossil fuel development at a time when we MUST be aggressively transitioning to clean energy.

We cannot allow the greed of the fossil fuel industry to lead us down a path to catastrophic climate change. This is a national climate emergency.

The science is clear: We need to take swift and bold action if we are to have any chance of preventing the worst impacts of climate change. Instead of more drilling, more fracking, more carbon dioxide and methane, more contaminated water and polluted air, we need to keep fossil fuels in the ground. We need to transition to 100% renewable electricity by 2035, and we need efficient buildings and appliances, and expanded and better public transit.¹

If President Obama is serious about our global commitment to combat climate change, he cannot allow crude oil exports to continue.

There is overwhelming public support across the United States and throughout the world for bold action — communities need to continue to speak up to force their elected officials to put the needs of people and the planet before corporate profits.

President Obama has the power to stop crude oil exports for one year by declaring a federal emergency.

We should not risk America’s public health and the future of our planet to sell fossil fuels to other countries.

  • Sign the Petition to Stop Crude Oil Exports by going to now!

Thanks for all you do,

Wenonah Hauter

Wenonah Hauter
Executive Director
Food & Water Watch
1. Historic Eagle Ford crude oil export shipment headed to Europe from NuStar Energy terminal, San Antonio Business Journal, January 5, 2016.
2. 100 Percent Clean Energy by 2035 to Stop Global Warming, Food & Water Watch, December, 8, 2015.

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