Stand With Sen. Warren: Tell Senate Democrats Not To Sabotage Wall Street Cops

Excerpt from: CREDO Action

Stand with Sen. Warren: Tell Senate Democrats not to sabotage Wall Street cops.

Apparently, if there is one thing that promotes bipartisanship in Washington, it’s delivering handouts to Wall Street.

A handful of Senate Democrats is teaming up with Republicans on legislation to undermine Wall Street cops and sabotage financial regulation. It would drown new rules in red tape, give politicians more freedom to pressure independent regulators, and even potentially create a commission of political appointees to target and repeal common-sense rules.1 The New York Times Editorial Board says that if these provisions become law, “the winners would be big banks and big businesses. The losers would be ordinary Americans.”2

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is fighting back, declaring that the package “heads in the wrong direction, giving lobbyists and lawyers more chances to block outcomes they don’t like.”3 We need to show that we stand with her, and not with Senate Democrats who want to help Wall Street at our expense.

The strategy of undermining regulators with “cost-benefit analyses” is the brainchild of conservative lawyer Eugene Scalia, the son of extreme right-wing Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.4 CREDO members and our allies have fought off similar packages in the past. But a handful of corporate Democrats – including Sens. Mark Warner of Virginia and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota – keep plotting with Republicans to help sabotage the financial cops-on-the-beat.5

We need reforms that will break up the big banks, close corporate tax loopholes, and keep big companies from jacking up prices and exploiting consumers.

But this package does just the opposite. It would:

  • Give lobbyists more power, by making the process to create new rules on big corporations more complicated, with more opportunities for well-funded lawyers to file lawsuits to gum up the works.6
  • Undermine regulators with unnecessary red tape, demanding time-consuming extra work from regulators under the guise of “cost-benefit” analysis, and even creating a new division of the Congressional Budget Office that would have to review rules before they can go into effect.7
  • Sabotage financial regulation with a commission of political appointees that would target regulations for Congress to repeal, a new mandate that rules on corporations would have to be reviewed every 10 years with the potential for repeal (unlike tax cuts for corporations), and more.8

Strong regulators are essential to make sure capitalism works and America stays strong and healthy. They make sure markets are fair, protect our air and our water, and ensure that we’re not taken advantage of giant corporations or gouged by Wall Street banks. We need to reform and strengthen our regulators and make sure they are always working for us, not tie up their hands.

Conservatives have promoted “cost-benefit” analysis as a way to paralyze the people who keep us safe, and Democrats should not be helping. This package is so extreme, even Wall-Street-friendly regulators like Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White oppose it.9

According to the New York Times, supporters still need two more Democrats to endorse this package in order to avoid it being blocked on the senate floor.10 We need to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  • Stand with Sen. Warren by petitioning Senate Democrats:
    “Don’t make it harder for regulators to protect Americans. Oppose attempts to undermine the work of corporate regulators and financial cops with new rules imposing “cost-benefit” analyses, extra commissions, sunset clauses, or any provisions.”

Tell Senate Democrats not to sabotage Wall Street cops. Go to the below to sign the petition:

Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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Tell President Obama And The EPA: Stop The Worst Methane Leak In History

Excerpt from: CREDO Action

Can you imagine if, during the three months of the Gulf Oil spill, President Obama hadn’t spoken about it, and hadn’t done anything to stop it?

Right now, the worst environmental catastrophe since BP’s Deepwater Horizon spill is underway in Los Angeles, but President Obama hasn’t gotten involved.

Since late October, an uncontrolled leak at SoCalGas’s Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in LA’s Porter Ranch neighborhood, has been spewing 50 tons per hour of the potent greenhouse gas methane.1 Every day it continues is the climate equivalent of another 7 million cars on the road. But SoCalGas is saying it will be at least another two months until they can stop it.

Thousands of families have been relocated and Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency. But the largest methane leak in history requires nothing less than the full mobilization of federal resources to do everything possible to stop it as soon as possible — and make sure nothing like this happens again

This climate disaster highlights the deep contradiction at the heart of President Obama’s energy and climate policy: Simultaneously committing to fight climate change, while overseeing a massive expansion — and lax regulation — of fracking and natural gas.

Methane is 86 times more potent in our atmosphere over 20 years than carbon dioxide.2 While it generates electricity with lower carbon emissions than coal, the massive leakage of unburned methane straight into the atmosphere cancels out those climate benefits — and could make gas even worse than coal at hastening global warming.3,4

Regulation of the industry has been pitiful. Stunningly, the Aliso Canyon storage facility — the second largest in the nation — hasn’t had a safety valve in place since 1979, and in fact was not required to by law.5 And while the Obama administration is releasing rules to reduce methane leaks from new sources, existing facilities are, incredibly, not covered by the rules.6

This continuing climate catastrophe must be halted as soon as possible, but it is not a mere isolated incident. It is the inevitable result of failed regulations, and the continued promotion of fossil fuels that are incompatible with fighting climate change. Unless we move away from fossil fuels, disasters like this are destined to continue.

During the Gulf oil spill, President Obama said, “the tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now.” That was true then, and is true now as Aliso Canyon continues it’s apocalyptic eruption. It is long past time President Obama heeded his own words.

Speak out by going to CREDO Action and signing the below petition telling President Obama and the EPA that they need to:

  • “Do everything in your power to stop the massive Porter Ranch gas leak — and stop the expansion and lax regulation of fracking and gas infrastructure, which make future disasters inevitable.” 

We need to stop the Porter Ranch gas leak and make sure this never happens again. Thanks for calling out the dangers of fossil fuels.

Elijah Zarlin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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Tell Financial Cops: Investigate Predatory Lending By Warren Buffett Company

Excerpt from CREDO Action:

Warren Buffett has built a folksy, populist public image, but one of his companies has been exploiting people with deceptive sales and predatory loans. A breathtaking investigative report reveals that Clayton Homes, Inc. has been deliberately pushing minorities into high-priced loans, costing people their livelihoods and even their homes.1

The report claims that Clayton, which is owned by Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, misleads consumers about their lending options, charges African-Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans higher interest rates, and tricks them into signing loan documents that don’t match the terms they were promised. It also details a shockingly racist corporate culture that included throwing racist stereotypes at borrowers, tolerating racial slurs, and firing Black workers who complained.2

A group of progressive champions in Congress, including Reps. Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, is jumping into action.3 They have demanded that the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau explain what they are doing to stop and punish this racist exploitation, and we need to show that thousands of Americans stand with them and with Clayton’s victims.

Warren Buffett bought Clayton 12 years ago. In the years since, it has become the single biggest homebuilder in the United State, and the biggest in the manufactured home business. Its in-house mortgage lender, Vanderbilt, finances more loans than any other lender by far. As the company has increasingly come under fire for its debt collection tactics – including harassing borrowers, insulting them, and encouraging them to sell blood to pay debts – Warren Buffett has personally promoted Clayton and defended it from criticism.4

But if reports are true, at least some of what Clayton has done “was illegal.”5 The company has been accused of:

  • Charging minorities higher rates. Latino, African-American, and Native American borrowers are charged higher interest rates than white borrowers. The trend is true even when income is factored in. In fact, “Vanderbilt typically charges black people who make over $75,000 a year slightly more than white people who make only $35,000.”
  • Tricking people into taking out loans from its own company. Clayton gets away with charging more in part because its salespeople tell customers that the company’s in-house lender, Vanderbilt, is their only option – in violation of federal law. In fact, the company internally tracks the “capture rate” of customers forced into Vanderbilt loans, and uses it to evaluate the performance of dealerships.7
  • Rushing people into signing rotten documents without translation. Clayton advertises itself as friendly to Spanish and other non-English speakers, with spokespeople who promise friendly terms in customers’ native languages. But when it comes time to sign, the company presents documents in English – over the objection of some of its employees – and the incomprehensible loan papers can spell out terms that are far more expensive than what the customer was promised.8

Clayton sells its homes at such an outrageous markup that it still makes money even if borrowers are unable to pay and quickly default.9 The Americans who buy homes from Clayton can end up paying more than is fair, trapped in debt, and losing their homes and life savings in the process. That’s no way to treat people who have worked hard and saved for a home of their own, and we need to stand with the progressive champions in Congress who are fighting back.

Buffett’s company has attacked the investigative report, issuing a long list of misleading rebuttals that do not match the fact reported. It even claimed that its salespeople never insist that Vanderbilt is the only financing option available, despite the reporters catching salespeople on tape doing just that. The reporters responded in detail, noting how they company is trying to massage the numbers to save its image.10

If the company is taking the same deceptive stance to questions from regulators, it will take political pressure to force the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to hold Clayton’s feet to the fire and bring down punishments for lawbreaking. That’s where we come in – we need to show that we stand with the progressive members of the House who are speaking up.

Tell financial cops: Investigate predatory lending by Warren Buffett company.

Go to the below link to sign the petition to the Department of Justice and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

  • “Investigate and punish Warren Buffett’s Cayton Homes, Inc. for its history of racist, predatory lending.”

Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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The Political Coup Behind The Flint Water Crisis

 Excerpt from:  The L.A. Times’ Opinion Staff

Contaminated water in Flint, Michigan

Scott Martelle Scott Martelle Contact Reporter

This post has been updated, as indicated below.

The poisoning of the people of Flint, Mich., is a failure of government at its worst, and the finger-pointing will turn into a blood sport. There already are calls for the state’s governor, former Gateway Computers executive and venture capitalist Rick Snyder, to resign, and some are urging criminal investigations into the motives and knowledge of those who let Flint residents, including young children at elevated risk, drink lead-contaminated water.

There is plenty of blame to go around (there’s a good overview here). Snyder on Wednesday released emails connected with the crisis, and they reveal state officials’ utter disregard for the problems evolving in Flint. And once it was apparent the issue wasn’t going to trickle away, they began calculating the political implications. One thing the emails make clear: The state government’s abject failure to confront a clear crisis in a responsible, effective way.

So why was this the state of Michigan’s responsibility and not that of the elected leaders of the city of Flint? Because Snyder had trumped local decision-making by installing an emergency manager under a controversial state law that allows the governor to usurp democracy. And like many issues of inequity in Michigan and nationwide, there’s a racial componentit’s been invoked primarily in the state’s poorest and blackest cities.

The undermining of democracy began in 2011, when the Michigan Legislature adopted Public Law 4 to grant the governor the power to declare a financial crisis in local governments and appoint an emergency manager to make all financial decisions — which are the underpinnings of everything a city does. Once the manager was appointed, the elected representatives — council members and mayors — lost pretty much all authority to make any decisions at all. And it empowered the manager to void contracts, including those with labor unions.

Democracy didn’t fail – it was stolen.
Michiganders, not surprisingly, were aghast and killed the law through a 2012 ballot initiative. The legislature’s response? It passed an even more draconian version of the law and embedded a budget appropriation in it, which under Michigan law meant it could not be overturned by referendum. So the elected representatives went directly against the expressed will of the people of the state of Michigan.

And it was the emergency manager appointed under that new law in 2013, Ed Kurtz, who made the bad call in Flint that was implemented by his successor, Darnell Earley, that led to the lead poisoning of its water supply (the issue was brought to light by Curt Guyette, an investigative journalist working for the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan).

Cause and effect between the emergency manager law and the Flint crisis? Not necessarily. But among the warning signs that all was not right with Flint’s water were complaints by residents that it tasted funny and was causing problems. Those kinds of complaints usually end up on a mayor’s desk, or in public comment sessions at city council meetings, where the people who make the decisions are accountable to those who are lodging the complaints.

In Flint, the decision-maker was accountable not to the people of Flint, but to the governor who appointed him (the city remains under a state oversight board, though Snyder says he wants to return more control to the mayor).

So where is Earley, now? Snyder placed him in charge of the Detroit Public Schools, where teachers have resorted to sickouts to draw attention to the appalling physical condition of buildings and classrooms, including mold infestations, vermin, broken or inadequate heating systems and other basic maintenance problems that have been ignored. Low pay and limited raises, plus more looming state-directed reforms, have led to resignations, early retirements and a teacher shortage.

As in Flint, under the emergency manager system there’s no one to be held politically accountable. Democracy didn’t fail — it was stolen.

Follow Scott Martelle on Twitter @smartelle.

Update, 4:17 a.m., Jan. 24: This post has been updated to expand and clarify the line of decision-making by the appointed emergency managers, and to add that the governor wants to return more control to the mayor.

Rubio To Flint: Drop Dead


Excerpt from: The New Republic

Republican candidates can’t be bothered with the mass contamination of an American city—not when the public is potentially, hypothetically endangered by ISIS.

January 20, 2016

People laughed at Jeb Bush for his ludicrous comment in a September debate that his brother “kept us safe” while president. Most snickered that Jeb was ignoring thousands of dead from the September 11 attacks, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Hurricane Katrina. But George W. Bush’s policies of neglect affected far more than that. How many died between 2001 and 2009 from lacking access to medical treatment; from exposure to harmful chemicals or pollution in the atmosphere; from unregulated corporate harm; from persistent, grinding poverty?

Republicans profess to believe that the primary responsibility of the president is to keep Americans safe. But they aren’t actually interested in our safety.

This disconnect raises a fundamental issue for Republicans. They profess to believe that the primary responsibility of the president is to keep Americans safe. But they aren’t actually interested in safety. They misalign the risks to Americans and put their energies toward the most remote threats, while ignoring the real threats people face. And Marco Rubio offered the perfect example of this on Monday.

A reporter in Coralville, Iowa, asked the senator to comment on Democratic calls for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, a Republican, to resign over his handling of the water crisis in Flint, which has poisoned tens of thousands of Americans. Rubio replied, “I didn’t watch the debate so I have no idea what they said.” The reporter asked him to comment more generally on Flint, where President Obama has declared a state of emergency. “That’s not an issue that right now we’ve been focused on,” Rubio said, sprinkling in some boilerplate about the federal government’s role. “I’d love to give you a better answer on it, it’s just not an issue we’ve been quite frankly fully briefed or apprised of.”

This is a man whose presidential campaign is largely predicated on threats to the homeland from outside. Rubio told Face the Nation that he bought a gun to protect his family from Islamic State militants. But he couldn’t be bothered to bone up on a direct threat to an entire American city from within—the deliberate poisoning of Flint’s water supply.

Let me give Senator Rubio a refresher course. Michigan officials, who commandeered control of Flint’s local government through a disenfranchising emergency-manager process that suspiciously lines up with the main concentrations of African-Americans in the state, decided to temporarily use water from the Flint River for residential consumption while awaiting a new pipeline to Lake Huron. This was done to save money—to balance Flint’s budget, much like the persistent calls from Rubio and his Republican allies with respect to the federal budget.

The water from the Flint River was dirty, unfit for drinking or washing, and it corroded the lead-based service lines distributing water to 99,000 citizens. Residents immediately complained about the foul-smelling, bad-tasting water. It turned out the entire city suffered lead poisoning, as research demonstrated, for well over a year, with toxicity levels 13,000 times above a safe reading. The emergency manager in Flint, state environmental officials (who failed to properly treat the water), and Governor Snyder ignored this as long as they could, even withholding information from the public.

It took 18 months for Michigan to switch back the water to Lake Huron, despite a succession of votes from Flint’s elected officials to stop the poisoning, all of which the emergency manager overrode. Even after the switch, the lead pipes delivering the water remain damaged, and the public-health effects that will linger for decades remain unknown. The National Guard has been sent in to distribute bottled water and filtration. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette plans to investigate, as does the Department of Justice.

None of this is worth knowing about, according to Marco Rubio. He can’t be bothered with the mass contamination of an American city—not when the public is potentially, hypothetically unsafe from ISIS! Never mind the fact that you’re more likely to be hit by lightning or crushed by furniture than killed in a terrorist attack.

Indeed, as the Flint crisis shows, you are far more likely to be killed as a result of conservative austerity and deregulatory policies. Not only are they self-defeating when it comes to infrastructure—Michigan has already paid far more for the Flint disaster than it ever saved from temporarily re-routing the city’s water supply—but basing policy priorities on cost-cutting rather than human need inevitably leads to choosing winners and losers, and not in a benign way.

  • When you cannot be bothered to ensure that the sick can access health care, people die. When you cannot be bothered to stop corporations from polluting the earth, people die. When you cannot be bothered to monitor workplaces for the hazardous practices under which their employees operate, people die. When you cannot be bothered to protect citizens from a law enforcement apparatus charged with protecting them, people die.

But we rarely hear about these aspects of keeping Americans safe until a crisis like Flint emerges. The ongoing notion of safety in politics, absent something headline-grabbing like poisoning an entire city, is relegated to the foreign-policy sphere. And playing up threats from abroad, often of dubious relevance, numbs the nation to the numerous other ways in which Americans are put in peril every day. And of course, there are fewer special interests clamoring to protect water supplies and workplaces than there are defense contractors wanting to go to war against a foreign threat.

  • Indeed, one political party considers these concepts of safety to be so insignificant that they won’t even contemplate them. It’s not just Rubio: Donald Trump yesterday told reporters that what’s happening in Flint is “a shame,” but added, “I don’t want to comment on that.” No 2016 GOP hopeful has released a single statement on the water crisis. (On Tuesday, Ben Carson did offer his thoughts on Flint in an interview with the Huffington Post, but only to blame local leaders and the EPA.)

Obviously, the role of Michigan’s Republican governor is causing some reticence among conservatives. But Rubio’s pathetic claim that the Flint crisis is a nondescript state issue reveals his weakness on this. Hillary Clinton, in sharp contrast, sent staffers to Flint, demanded that Michigan pay for clean water delivery, and proposed a federal health monitoring system. Bernie Sanders called for Snyder’s resignation. And President Obama freed up emergency resources as soon as Snyder belatedly requested it. The federal government has a clear role to play, not just providing funds but also accountability.

It flatters people’s ideological beliefs to see this as only an issue for the poor and the vulnerable. In Sunday’s debate, Clinton said, “If the kids in a rich suburb of Detroit had been drinking contaminated water and being bathed in it, there would’ve been action.” But I’ve been to Porter Ranch, an upper-middle class community in Los Angeles (many of the developments are gated) where methane gas has leaked from a storage facility for more than three months, and officials (including the Democratic governor and his regulatory agencies) have been similarly slow to respond.

Underfunded regulatory agencies and corporate cost-cutting caused the Porter Ranch crisis, as surely as government austerity and regulatory failure caused the tragedy in Flint. We all are put at risk every day by a policy apparatus that shunts human needs to the background. While tough-guy politicians speak darkly of bombs and soldiers in the name of “keeping people safe,” they leave no room for real public safety threats. They don’t even have the time to be briefed about them.

This article has been updated.

The Department of Homeland Security Must Fight Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism & Take Back Malheur Wildlife Refuge Now!

Excerpt from: CREDO Action

The right-wing extremists who have taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon are the latest reminder of the pressing danger facing this country from domestic terrorism — and of the failure of the federal government to confront this very real threat.

Between April 2009 and February 2015 there were nearly 60 right-wing domestic terror attacks in the United States. Yet the government and the media have been far too silent about this epidemic.

Our safety requires action.

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) did release an intelligence assessment focused on right-wing “sovereign citizen” extremists and the severe threat they pose to law enforcement officials.1 A more comprehensive report from 2009 focused more broadly on the risk of domestic terror from white supremacists, radical anti-abortionists, and a few “disgruntled veterans” whose resentments could lead to domestic terrorism or recruitment by violent or extremist groups. But faced with backlash from conservatives, DHS withdrew the report and disbanded the unit that created it, the Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division.2

In July, progressive champions in Congress, including Reps. Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva, sent a letter to President Barack Obama and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Jeh Johnson urging DHS to reopen the unit and issue an updated report on domestic right-wing extremism.3

After a year in which a white supremacist murdered nine African-Americans in their church and an anti-abortion extremist killed three people in an attack on a Planned Parenthood clinic, it’s clear that right-wing terror needs to be taken seriously, and needs to be stopped. In October, the Justice Department, acknowledging that domestic terror was more of a threat than terror from ISIS or al Qaeda, created a new position, Domestic Terrorism Counsel, to coordinate the investigation and prosecution of anti-government and hate groups.4

As the right-wing extremists in Congress and on the Republican presidential campaign trail work in concert with conservative media outlets to continue to ratchet up hateful rhetoric stoking fears and paranoia to incite anti-government, anti-woman, anti-immigrant and racist sentiments, it’s time for DHS to take a strong stand. Their priorities must match the real threats we face, not just the politically popular narratives that have been formed in our political media and landscape.

Tell the Department of Homeland Security: It’s time to get serious about stopping right-wing terrorism.

The petition to the Department of Homeland Security reads:

  • “Right-wing terror poses a real and present threat. It’s time to get serious about stopping right-wing terrorism by reopening the Extremism and Radicalization Branch of the Homeland Environment Threat Analysis Division, issuing an updated report on domestic right-wing extremism, and deploying DHS resources to investigate and stop extremists.”

Go to the link below to sign the petition:

Thanks for taking action,

Heidi Hess, Senior Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets

Evan Soto and Wesley Bruer, “DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat,” CNN, 2/20/2015.
Annie-Rose Strasser, “Republicans Blasted Obama Administration For Warning About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism,” Think Progress, 8/7/2012.
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Thousands May Have Been Exposed To Potential Brain Damage From Lead Gov. Snyder Should Resign.

Excerpt from: Progressive Democrats of America <>

Please Stand up for Flint. We Are All Flint, Michigan

Are you as outraged as we are by the reckless disregard for life Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has repeatedly shown? Last summer, Progressive Democrats of America and People Demanding Action joined with our allies to defend the basic human right to water in Detroit.

A broad coalition marched, organized call-in days, and otherwise protested against Snyder’s unfair austerity policies. We fought him and we won. We’d hoped that he’d learned his lesson. Clearly he hasn’t.

Now, we’re asking you to join with PDA and our allies—notably Bernie, and award-winning documentarian and Flint native Michael Moore—to demand accountability.

Michael Moore says “Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, along with the premeditated actions of his administrators, has effectively poisoned the children of Flint by allowing lead and other toxins to enter their drinking water. The consequences are devastating now and will be for generations to come. For this outrageous catastrophe, Gov. Snyder must resign—and go to jail.” He is asking us to join him through an online petition.

Are you among those demanding politicians be held accountable? Don’t we all want to do everything we can do for the babies, the children, the mothers and the fathers of Flint, MI, to assure that they have safe, clean water? After all, if it can happen there, it can and will happen elsewhere. Aren’t we all Flint residents?

Listen to Michael Moore discuss this issue on MSNBC. After you listen, take action! Join with Bernie and Michael demanding accountability for Governor Snyder. Stand up for the people of Flint. Sign Michael Moore’s petition.

Bernie Sanders released a statement last Saturday saying, “Thousands may have been exposed to potential brain damage from lead. Gov. Snyder should resign.”

Austerity is a scam, designed to take our basic human rights, the necessities we take for granted, and hold them hostage. Greedy corporations and their lapdog politicians have denied access to safe water as a weapon to drive people from their homes, and to plunder public treasuries and family savings accounts. All this to enrich the top 1%.

Take action now! Next time, if those who manipulate us through austerity have their way, the misery they cause may be coming to your town, and your state. We will not stand by as corporations and politicians poison or deprive anyone’s babies or grand babies. Let’s help however we are able—today.

Donate whatever you can afford by card or check to help us continue our critically important organizing.


Conor, Deb, Donna, Janis, Jeanne, Judy, Kimberly, Mike F, and Mike H
Your Progressive Democrats of America National Team

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