Excerpt from: MoveOn

Following the horrific series of attacks in Paris and Beirut last week, your governor, Brian Sandoval—along with at least 29 other governors—has turned against Syrian refugees who are seeking to escape the same terrorist groups behind these acts of violence.1

Will you sign our petition to Governor Sandoval and other anti-immigrant governors? The petition says:

  • Threatening to refuse Syrian refugees entry into your state is playing to baseless racist fears for cheap political gain.
    Stop attacking the refugee families who are fleeing the same terrorist groups behind the attacks in Paris, Beirut, and around the world.

Unlike Europe, which has been overwhelmed by the crisis, the U.S. has a thorough vetting process for every refugee who is allowed to enter the United States. The typical process takes between 18 and 24 months.

Furthermore, under the U.S. Constitution, governors cannot deny any group of people entry to their state, nor can they determine our federal refugee policy, which is set by the president.2

But that hasn’t stopped Governor Sandoval—and most other Republican politicians around the country—from attacking Syrian refugees. This makes no one safer and creates an environment where racist attacks are more prevalent.

The whole world is watching how the United States responds to this crisis—and we must be clear that on this issue, Governor Sandoval doesn’t represent the people of Nevada—or the American values we hold and share.
If enough people sign and show our compassion for Syrian refugees today, soon after most of these statements of fear and hatred were made, it’ll send a strong message to Governor Sandoval—and also show elected leaders across America that there’s a backlash to their anti-refugee rhetoric.

And speaking up now will create momentum to ensure Democrats remain true to our long tradition of providing safety and stability to those who need our help.

Let’s show that we can be a strong, secure country and a welcoming, moral one at the same time.

Go to MoveOn to sign this petition, and send a strong message to Governor Sandoval and other anti-immigrant governors across America.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ben W., Matt, Robert, Jadzia, and the rest of the team

1. “30 Governors Call For Halt To U.S. Resettlement Of Syrian Refugees,”NPR, November 17, 2015

2. “States can’t refuse Syrian refugees, but they sure can make them feel unwanted,” The Guardian, November 17, 2016


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