Now Is The Time For Leader Pelosi To Force A Vote On Gun Control

Excerpt from:CREDO Action

Stop the NRA
The National Rifle Association’s grip on Congress means that it’s impossible for any gun control bills to get a vote. And when bills can’t even come to the floor, politicians who are in the NRA’s pocket are never forced to take a public stand. It means they can continue to prioritize the NRA over their constituents, and continue to do nothing to end the epidemic of gun violence in America.

We’re not likely to convince Republican leaders in the House to call a vote, but there is one way to force a vote on gun control. Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi can use a parliamentary tactic called a “discharge petition” to force a vote on a gun control package, even if pro-NRA politicians in the House refuse to act. That is why we are joining with our friends at DailyKos to ask her to do just that.

In order for a discharge petition to work, we need a few Republicans to break ranks and join House Democrats and the majority of Americans in support of gun control. But before we can get to work pressuring those Republicans, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats need to file a discharge petition on a gun control package that would make a real difference in reducing gun violence and making Americans safer — requiring universal background checks including closing the gun show loophole, banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and ending legal protections currently given to gun makers.

We know that Congress is unlikely to pass a gun control bill with a discharge petition. But with the current chaos in the House, there’s already a Republican effort to use a discharge petition to force a vote on an issue that has stalled in the House Financial Services Committee. The recognition, even among Republicans, that the House is in a state of near-dysfunction indicates that Democrats could potentially leverage a discharge petition to force Republicans to move on this issue.1

Even if we don’t win an up-or-down vote, we can use a discharge petition to force a vote in the House and force members of Congress to pick a side. They can either stand with the American people who are ready to take action to reduce gun violence in America or they can stand with the NRA.

  • Tell House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi:
    “Now is the time to file a discharge petition that would allow an up-or-down vote on a meaningful package of gun control reforms.”
  • Go to the link below to sign the petition:

Thank you for helping us stand up to the NRA.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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