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Say Yes To Democracy.
Please read the letter addressed to your state Senators and Representative in Congress. You can edit the letter if you wish. Then fill in the blanks with your information. This is required information to confirm you are a constituent (meaning that you live in the district they represent). Then press the “SUBMIT” button to exercise your right as an American.

In 2014 more than $3 billion was spent by corporations, super PACs, lobbyists, unions, and special interest ‘dark money’ groups to influence the outcome of elections. It’s projected that the presidential election of 2016 will cost more than $5 billion.

The Democracy For All Amendment is a bold proposal being considered by the House and Senate that will overturn decisions like Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court case that paved the way for unlimited political spending by corporations and the super wealthy. The idea behind the amendment is simple: lawmakers should once again be able to set reasonable limits on money in elections so that all people can meaningfully participate in our democracy.

Today, big corporations and a handful of the wealthiest individuals hold outsized influence over our elections and our government. The voices of everyday Americans – who don’t have a corporate treasury to spend from or millions in their bank accounts — are becoming increasingly hard to hear over the roar of spending by corporations and billionaires.

Act now.

It’s time for you to ask the U.S. Representative and Senators who represent you to stand up for what you want.

If enough of us speak out, together we will restore democracy in the United States. Only we can hold our elected officials accountable. And we must. If our representatives in Congress are serious about fixing the money-in-politics problem, they will endorse this amendment.

By going to: you can tell your representatives in Washington that enough is enough!! Corporations and billionaires should not be allowed to buy elections in a democracy!!


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