Excerpt from: The Pen
Today at 4:44 AM

From the opening question of the first Republican presidential
candidate debate it was obvious that the Republican party is
deperately trying to take Donald Trump down. Have you figured out why

That raise your hand if you won’t pledge to support our nominee and
not run as an independent thing was especially crafted and designed
to try to personally punk him out. Well, ya know what? The Donald
don’t play that. Chuck Todd of Meet The Press declared afterwards
that refusing to commit to support the eventual Republican nominee
would sink the Trump campaign. This is not the first foolish
prediction Todd has made about Trump.

If the truth can be told, Megyn Kelly went after Trump at the debate
like a prosecutor. She made it personal too. And true to what he said
would be his form, Trump threw a counterpunch the night after on CNN,
a sexist counterpunch, because after all he is, among other things, a

Yeah, well guess what, so is the Republican party, notwithstanding
the women in it who tolerate it. Those comments about Mexican
immigrants, were they racist? You betcha. And so is the Republican
party, notwithstanding the ethnic people who are only in it for the

And that’s why they are so desperate to take him out, though the RNC
is falling all over itself trying not to outright condemn him. No,
they let their attack dogs and cats at Fox News do that. Because
Trump is actually speaking the way they secretly speak in private
amongst themselves all the time. Except that he is doing it
unabashedly in public, no dog whistle hearing required to get the
message. No clandestine gotcha recording required.

Not to mention the fact that he’s exposing how politicians are
totally bought in this country. He is letting it hang out for all to

The professional political news pundit class has been breathlessly
announcing Trump’s demise for weeks. If ridiculing McCain’s war
record didn’t end his run, nothing Trump said about Megyn Kelly is
going to do it either.

Voting against their best interests is something Republican voters
have a special knack for. And at the rate that Trump is offending the
various segments of the voting public, we happen to think he is right
on track to win the Republican nomination.

And now back to the one candidate who we think can beat him, Bernie
Sanders, presuming he gets a chance to speak.


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