Yucca Mountain Update – Tea Party Candidate Marco Rubio newest comments

From: Roberta Lange [mailto:info@nvdems.com]
Sent: Monday, May 11, 2015 12:29 PM

Subject: Nevada GOP is caving on Yucca Mountain — are you?

Did you hear what TEA Party presidential candidate Marco Rubio said this weekend? He told reporters in South Carolina that he wants to reopen Yucca Mountain!

Help us stop Republicans from reopening Yucca by signing our petition opposing Rubio’s dangerous plan to turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump.

Nevadans in both parties have spent decades fighting this reckless project that threatens the health and safety of Nevada families. But now, Republicans in Nevada are changing their tune and are starting to support Yucca Mountain.

GOP Reps. Cresent Hardy, Joe Heck, and Mark Amodei have all expressed support for Yucca. Then last week — only days before Rubio announced his plan to store nuclear waste in Nevada — Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison endorsed Rubio’s campaign for President!

Nevada Republicans might be caving in their opposition to Yucca Mountain, but Nevada Democrats are staying strong in our opposition to this dangerous scheme.

Join us today in opposing Republican efforts to reopen Yucca Mountain.

Roberta Lange
Nevada State Democratic Party


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