Nevada Legislative Session Bills?

I am sure that there is Legislature here which will shock, scare, and hopefully get you involved!
This is reprinted from the Nevada State Democratic Party Secretary’s blog “The Blue Nevadan” Great place to keep informed.
Check out this list pending legislation already in progress. Then contact us to get involved. Submit your comments about these pending bills and any other issues to your Legislature at:
AB2 would authorize those who have valid concealed carry permits to possess a weapon in the vehicle of their locked car or in occupied vehicles on the property of elementary schools and day care facilities. This bill was first heard in committee on February 4th, returns to the Assembly Judiciary Committee this Friday at 8:00 a.m.

AB121 would prohibit schools from disciplining students who simulate a firearm or dangerous weapon while playing or for wearing clothing or accessories that depict a firearm or dangerous weapon or express an opinion regarding a constitutional right to keep and bear arms except in certain circumstances.

AB127 would expand the powers of the Nevada State Legislature regarding regulation of ownership, transportation and licensing of firearms and ammunition in this State by removing the provision that limits preemptive adoption of ordinances or certain political subdivisions to those applied on or after June 13, 1989.

AB139 would permit those who possess a concealed weapons permit from another state to carry a concealed firearm in Nevada while they are visiting our State.
AB148 would allow those with concealed weapons permits to carry guns on college campuses, public school K-12 campuses, public buildings and certain areas of airports.

AB167 would repeal existing law requiring all weapons on the premises of a foster home to be unstrung, unloaded, and stored in locked containers or rooms when children are present. Ammunition would no longer be required to be kept in a separate locked container and fully loaded weapons could be carried in a vehicle in which children are riding.

AB171 would expand the circumstances under which deadly self-defense resulting in the death of another human being could be considered justified to include circumstances of car jacking.

SB141 while not a gun bill, it is a weapons bill. It would remove switchblades from list of deadly weapons currently illegal to manufacture, sell or carry and removes dirks, daggers and machetes from the list of weapons for which a concealed carry permit is required.

SB143 would make it legal for anyone legally allowed to own a gun to carry it in a concealed manner, with or without a permit.

SB171 would repeal the requirement that Nevada residents register any firearm capable of being concealed with the police within 60 days of becoming a resident and within 72 hours of becoming a new pistol owner.

SB175 creates broad revisions to existing self-defense and gun laws and also enacts a provision which provides that a person is immune to civil liability for using force which is intended or likely to cause death or bodily injury if the person was justified in using such force under the applicable provisions of Nevada criminal law.

SJR1, introduced this morning by the entire Republican Senate Caucus, urges Congress to enact legislation transferring ownership of Nevada’s public lands from the Federal Government to the State of Nevada. This is largely based on a report prepared by the Nevada Land Management Task Force.

SB119 allows school bonds to automatically roll over and removes the provision that prevailing wage be paid to school construction workers.

SB168 would allow local governments to go back to the bargaining table with union representatives to renegotiate existing collective bargaining contracts during a financial emergency, and defines a financial emergency as “general fund revenues falling 5 percent or more year-over-year”.

AB3 increases the size of the board overseeing PERS by three, requires they have financial experience and no ties to the system, and removes requirement that at least one board member be an employee of 10 years or more in the system.

AB125 would limit homeowner’s rights to pursuing litigation in cases of construction defect by restricting the definition of what constitutes a home defect, repeal a provision allowing attorney fees and costs in a home defect judgment, and implement other provisions that lengthen and restrict the process. This bill has passed the Assembly and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

AB107 requires each school district’s board of trustees, State Public Charter School Authority and each college or university within the Nevada System of Higher Education that sponsors a charter school to include in their annual report of accountability information about the number and percentage of pupils who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches pursuant to federal law; (2) a comparison of the achievement and proficiency of those students broken out by race; and (3) a comparison of pupils who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches, reported separately by race.

AB111 increases the number of credit hours students are required to take each semester in order to be eligible for the Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarship.

AB120 provides that public school students are entitled to the freedom to exercise religion on school property. This includes the ability to (1) prayer, (2) verbal expression of religious viewpoints, (3) organize and participate in religious and prayer clubs, and (4) distribution of religious literature before, during and after regular school hours

AB165 establishes the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program and provides tax exceptions for those who donate.

SB5 would amend existing provisions so that a candidate for nonpartisan office who receives a majority of the votes cast in a primary election or certain primary city elections would be automatically declared the winner and not be advanced into the general election.

SB104 would provide exceptions to the campaign disclosure requirements for any article of clothing, regardless of its cost, and certain other forms of political advertising having a retail cost per item of less than $5.

SB169 was introduced yesterday. Sponsored by Sen. James Settelmeyer, it would require voters to show I.D. when they present to vote. Co-sponsors include Senators Goicoechea and Gustavson and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore.

SB547 would limit voters for Supervisor in Carson City and for Council Member in the City of Henderson, the City of Reno and the City of Sparks in either the primary or general election to those who are registered voters of the ward that a candidate seeks to represent. It would also create a sixth ward for the City of Reno.

SJR3 would amend the Nevada Constitution to provide for the Lieutenant Governor to be elected jointly with the Governor on a slate.
AB177 was introduced this afternoon. It would prohibit the name of a candidate who is not eligible to hold the office for which he or she is a candidate from appearing on the ballot; prohibit the filling of a vacancy in a nomination for a partisan or nonpartisan office; change the residency requirements for ALL candidates to require they be an actual resident of the district to which the office pertains for at least 1 year preceding the date of the close of filing for a candidacy; require a filing officer to verify the accuracy of all information contained in a declaration or acceptance of candidacy; eliminate the deadline for an elector to file a written challenge of a candidate; require a candidate who was found by a court to be ineligible to hold office to pay the attorney’s fees and court costs of the elector who filed the challenge of candidacy; prohibit a vote cast for a candidate who is not eligible to hold the office for which he or she is a candidate from being counted for the purposes of determining the outcome of an election; and increase the penalties and fines for

On the National Level – Immigration and Work Visas
The Department of Homeland Security has suspended applications for President Barack Obama’s new immigration programs. This comes after a federal judge in Texas handed down an injunction temporarily blocking the policies, an order the White House is appealing. Locally, Attorney General Laxalt added Nevada to the list of states joining a Texas lawsuit opposing the president’s immigration policies.
The date for U.S. Representative Dina Titus to address the Nevada Legislature has been announced. Mark these dates on your calendar:
Address by U.S. Representative Dina Titus – Wednesday, March 11, 2015 at 5:00 PM
Address By U.S. Representative Joe Heck – Monday, March 30, 2015 at 5:00 PM
Address By U.S. Senator Harry Reid – Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 12:00 PM
Address By U.S. Senator Dean Heller – Monday, April 6, 2015 at 5:00 PM
State of the Judiciary by Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice James Hardesty – Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM
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