Churchill County Democrats Caucus

President Precinct caucus were held January 21, 2012 at the Wolf Center in Fallon, Nevada. Doors open at 10:30 am for registration till 11:30 am. In Churchill County 77 voters cast their voice for the Democratic President preference and to vote for Delegates to represent your Precinct at the Churchill County Convention.

In total over 1250 voters cast their voices in Nevada and made their vote count. The Caucus is a proud part of the American History and allows the voice of the Party to start from the true grassroots. Unlike some other parties Democrats do not use backroom deals or unknown people to chose who represent them.

Delegates selected at the Precinct Caucus will represent their Precinct and vote at the Churchill County Convention. Where Democratic Platform, Plank, and Delegates will be chosen to continue on and represent Churchill County at the Nevada State Democratic Convention.

Delegates chosen at the Nevada State Democratic Convention will go to the Democratic National Convention to chose the Democratic Candidate for President, Party Platform, and Party Planks, which the Democratic Party will run on in 2012.